The holiday season is over so I hope you all had a blast.

Now most of you are probably back to work or at school, so it’s time for a new podcast. Are you ready for the next REINCARNATED podcast? Once again it’s a full podcast with over one hour of the best Techno tracks. And as always, let me know what you think of it at



Album Logo - Reincarnated - 02


# Title Artist
1 Don’t Stay (Original Mix) Jewel Kid
2 Behind Closed Doors Spektre
3 What You Need Adam Beyer
4 Ground Pedro Delgardo & TKNO
5 The Hard Parade Sasha Carassi
6 Fine Ramiro Lopez
7 Black on Black (Len Faki Remix) Scuba
8 The Sweep Bart Skills
9 Bird Julian Jewell
10 Lost Boys Bart Skills
11 Siren Nikola Gala
12 Virus Boryana
13 The Crossing Adam Beyer
14 Israfil Forest People
15 U Said U Alan Fitzpatrick
16 Discontinued Maae
17  Run Baby Run Paul Ritch
18  7th Seal (Spektre Remix) Nihil Young Alex d Elia
19  Toxic Sam Paganini
20  Mizar Simone Tavazzi
21  Love Siren Alan Fitzpatrick
22 153 Essex Street Julian Jewell
23 What Happened Marco Bailey


Finally it is there, the first REINCARNATED of hopefully many more to come. This time it’s a full hour of nice tracks that were waiting to be played out loud. Let me know what you think of it at

Just like Sounds Like Techno, I will be mixing and recording podcasts with the latest techno tracks, only due to time constrains these podcast will be released less often as SLT podcasts. I try to make them about one hour as this is the perfect length for a podcast. But if you are looking for great tracks you are at the right place.





# Title Artist
1 All this love for you Ralf Gumm feat. Diamonddancer
2 Stone Flower (Original Mix) Adam Beyer
3 Down Sam Paganini
4 Shaka (Christian Smith Remix) Julian Jeweil
5 Purple Noon (Original Mix) Boryana
6 What You Need (Original Mix) Adam Beyer
7 Another Chance Sam Paganini
8 Prism (The Junkies Rmx) Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagale
9 Requiem (Original Mix) Victor Calderone
10 Minds Eye (Nicole Moudaber Remix) Spektre
11 That Would Be The Sun (Original Mix) Adam Beyer
12 Roots Pt2 (Original Mix) Petter B
13 Pattern One (Original Mix) Jay Lumen
14 White Sam Paganini
15 Resdel (Perthil & Aerts remix) Jonas Kopp
16 Trrbulence Secret Cinema & Enrico Sangiuliano
17 Techno Frequencies (Original Mix) Clio

SLT – Part 34 “Goodbye!”

It is with mixed emotions that I have to say that this will be the last podcast in this format. I tried to deliver a new Techno podcast on a monthly basis but as this last podcast shows, due to time constrains that is not the case anymore. I will continue delivering Techno podcast but only when time permits and maybe not even with a minimum length of one hour.

So this Sounds Like Techno podcast series will start its last journey from “Resurrection” to “Ascension” although it will stay available for anyone who wants to download it. Also the Facebook page will stay for all your comments and feedback at

The new podcast series will be reborn as “Reincarnated“. But I’ll tell you all about it when the first Reincarnated podcast will be released.

For now be ready for almost two hours of pure Techno Brilliantness! And as always I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did, recording it. So give me a shoutout here or at my Facebook page.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 34 – Goodbye


# Title Artist
1 Tknofilia (Alex Di Stefano Remix Pedro Delgardo, Dualitik
2 DRGN2 (Original Mix) Recondite
3 Fantasia (Truncate Remix) KiNK
4 Received (Original Mix) Electric Rescue
5 The Beginning (Microcheep & Mollo Remix) Maae
6 Isotropic Subspace Brian Sanhaji
7 Pearl (Original Mix) Markantonio
8 Sleaze Ramiro Lopez And Arjun Vagale
9 Trick Baby (Original Mix) Harvey McKay
10 Mimetic Desire (Warehouse Edit) Kyle Geiger
11 Technalog Pfirter
12 Hunting Party (Original Mix) Bodyscrub
13 Nails (Giorgio Rusconi Remix) Pedro Delgardo, Lorenzo D’Ianni
14 Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) Drumcell
15 Sincrodestino Flug
16 Yes Or Not (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) Frankyeffe
17 Blotch Gary Beck
18 Naff Places (Original Mix) Steam Shape
19 Colon Clubbers (Original Mix) Spektre & Tom Laws
20 Diagrama Ancestral (Oscar Mulero Remix 1) Luis Ruiz
21 Against The Grain Dustin Zahn
22 Cerebral (Original Mix) Flug & Hans Bouffmyhre
23 Primary K256 Dubspeeka
24 My Love (Original Mix) Frankyeffe
25 Hectic Johannes Heil & Marcus Suckut
26 Burn Slow (Original Mix) Kalden Bess

SLT – Part 33 “Wake up!”

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You might have drifted away during the previous podcast. So I thought it would  be a good idea to make this podcast pull you back and wake you up. Make sure you play it loud so you can wake up the neighbors as well.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. so leave your comments here or at my facebook page, as always.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 33 – Wake Up!


# Title Artist
1 You Know (Original Mix) Jay Lumen
2 Tekolage (Original Mix) Gabriel D’Or, Bordoy
3 Borders Mark Broom & Gary Beck
4 Dark Room (Original Mix) Mars Bill, Audiomatiques
5 Whores & Hangovers (Original Club Mix) Spektre and Tom Laws
6 Primary K290 (Original Mix) Dubspeeka
7 Black Bass (Original) Maae
8 Mind’s Eye (Drumcell Audio Injection Remix) Spektre
9 Wildfires (Nikola Gala remix) Marco Bailey
10 Can You Relate Feat. Paris The Black Fu (SLS Related Remix) Samuel L Session
11 Pancake (Original Mix) Boryana
12 Aries (Original Mix) Enrico Sangiuliano, Matt Sassari
13 Another Side (The Welderz Remix) Dangeli
14 Clean Our Soul (Original Mix) The Welderz
15 Heady (Luca Marchese Remix) Frankyeffe
16 Untitled (Len Faki Untitled Mix) Chambray
17 The Shuffle Terence Fixmer
18 Zero Gravity (Dub Mix) Hans Bouffmyhre & Lex Gorrie

SLT – Part 32 “Drifting Away”

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Welcome back everyone. On this podcast I selected more deep and darker tracks then usual. These tracks should let you drift away an a ocean of beats and melody.

Of course this wouldn’t be my podcast if I didn’t included some firm beats in it, just enough for you not to fall asleep while drifting way. I finished this podcast with an amazing and most darkest track in my collection from Eomac remixed by Tommy Four Seven, which is called Spectre. I had some doubts on adding this track to the podcast so I mixed it at the end. But I think this track lets you really drift away and restart the podcast when it’s finished.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. so leave your comments here or at my facebook page, as always.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 32 – Drifting Away


# Title Artist
1 Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix) Alcatraz
2 Black Snow (Maae Remix) Balthazar, Jackrock
3 The Sentence That Kills (Etai Tarazi Remix) Highestpoint
4 Preacher Man (93 Original Mix) Green Velvet (Sample)
5 Mandy (Original Mix) Jewel Kid
6 Singer One (Original Mix) Luigi Madonna
7 Backyard (Original Mix) Jel Ford
8 Synthese Arnaud Le Texier
9 Meeting Of Minds (Original Mix) Jel Ford
10 Unconditional Beauty (Original Mix) Luigi Madonna
11 I Won’t Run (Dustin Zahn Mix) Thomas Schumacher & Caitlin
12 Boombox (Len Faki edit) Sound Associates
13 Don’t Stop No Sleep (Original Mix) Radio Slave (Loop Only)
14 Substance Pan-Pot
15 On Fire (Original Mix) Marc Galindo
16 Deus Ex Machina (Original Mix) Dustin Zahn
17 Grounded Gary Beck
18 Spectre (Tommy Four Seven Remix) Eomac

SLT – Part 31 “Celebrate”

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Well, that took a while before part 31 finally made it appearance. I’ve been very busy and had little time to record a podcast. But finally its there. Of course I wish you al the best for 2015 and remember to party safely.

This time I used a playlist from a party I played around Christmas which had some recognizable tunes because of the mixed crowd, so I used couple of sample loops only. I found it very uplifting and if you use it while running this will help you add that extra mile…

And of course as always, leave your comments here or at my facebook page.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 31 – Celebrate!


# Title Artist
1 Conjure Dreams Maceo Plex
2 Timelaps (Original Mix) Boryana
3 Valium & LFOs Adam Beyer
4 Always Loved a Film (Michael Woods Remix) Underworld
5 Iwanna (Original Mix) Adrian Hour
6 The Secret Joris Voorn (Loop Only)
7 Off Grid (Roberto Capuano Mix) Juan Sanchez
8 Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph Remix) Secret Cinema (Loop Only)
9 Belgian Green V2 Petter B
10 Melange (Original Mix) Dustin Zahn & Rachel Palmer
11 Miss You (Original Mix) Dustin Zahn
12 Recuring Nightmare (Original Mix) Lex Gorrie
13 Auf und Aub und Kinda High (Dustin Zahn Remix) Chris Liebing vs Green Velvet (Loop Only)
14 Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettman Remix) Moderat
15 Rave (Original Mix) Sam Paganini
16 The Quest (Original Mix) Jewel Kis
17 Plastic Dreams (Koen Groeneveld Mix) Jaydee
18 Stranger to Stability (Len Faki Remix) Dustin Zahn
19 Bergsjon Eternal Petter B feat. John H & M.E.E.O.
20 Hold, Doubt, Back Billie & Par Grindvik
21 Unanswered Questions (Julian Jewell Mix) Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg

SLT – Part 30 “Rush”

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And yet another milestone. Podcast 30 already! And what a rush this was mixing this podcast for you. Be sure not to put this one on when you are driving home from a party, because you will turn back for sure to continue the party…

This mix will build up slowly changing a couple of gears at the middle and finishing at high speed at the end. My favorite track of this mix is definitely from Sam Paganini with Rave.

So turn up the volume and be ready to party. And of course as always, leave your comments here or at my facebook page.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 30 – Rush


# Title Artist
1 Spring Sprouts (Original Mix) Joseph Capriati
2 Global Writes Petter B
3 Beta Decay (Alan Fitzpatrick Mix) Sian
4 Agua Feat. Xenia Beliayeva (Original Mix) Dubfire, Oliver Huntemann
5 Dusty Sam Paganini
6 Pearl (Luigi Madonna Club Mix) Markantonio, Roberto Capuano
7 Rollin´ (Original Mix) Jay Lumen
8 Rave (Original Mix) Sam Paganini
9 Darlek Adam Beyer
10 Repulse Dykkon
11 Neurotic Mother (Petter B Remix) Chris Colburn
12 Fade Into You (Original Mix) Spektre
13 Longitude (Matt Minimal Remix) Forest People
14 Turbine (Original Club Mix) Spektre
15 Archive 2 Flug & Salvador Roibon
16 Sputnik (Original Mix) Balthazar & JackRock vs Pedro Delgardo
17 Dustbowl Samuel L Session
18 Element Orange (Original Mix) Cari Lekebusch
19 Drummer Angel Costa/Unam Zetineb/Pepe Arcade
20 Stronger (Coyu Remix) Green Velvet, Gary Beck