Early 90’s

In the early ’90s I used to be a DJ for about 12 years. In that time I basically only played vinyl of all kinds of genre. From disco to dance and from reggae to rock. I never used cd’s to play because I like the way vinyl sounded and in my opinion the ease of use.

Techno music

Around 2008 I discover techno music and started to like it very much. Besides some parties I was always listing to many techno podcast whenever possible. With my DJ background I was not only enjoying the music but also listening how those DJ’s were using new techniques to enhance the experience of techno music on the dance floor.

Using Traktor Pro

So when Traktor Pro was introduced to me I immediately started to play around with it on my laptop and found that this was lots of fun and easier than I thought. DJ-ing is still more than just software and good tracks but with this I was able to use my creativity and create nice mixes of good techno tracks.

DJ Console

After a while I bought a real DJ console because you need multiple commands at a time instead of a mouse click for each gesture that you want to make. And that’s when the real fun started. Btw, I bought a Numark N4 and Redwave Headphones


So now, whenever I can I search for good tracks and put them together in a 1 hour mix/podcast for you to enjoy. So subscribe and spread the word.


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