The holiday season is over so I hope you all had a blast.

Now most of you are probably back to work or at school, so it’s time for a new podcast. Are you ready for the next REINCARNATED podcast? Once again it’s a full podcast with over one hour of the best Techno tracks. And as always, let me know what you think of it at



Album Logo - Reincarnated - 02


# Title Artist
1 Don’t Stay (Original Mix) Jewel Kid
2 Behind Closed Doors Spektre
3 What You Need Adam Beyer
4 Ground Pedro Delgardo & TKNO
5 The Hard Parade Sasha Carassi
6 Fine Ramiro Lopez
7 Black on Black (Len Faki Remix) Scuba
8 The Sweep Bart Skills
9 Bird Julian Jewell
10 Lost Boys Bart Skills
11 Siren Nikola Gala
12 Virus Boryana
13 The Crossing Adam Beyer
14 Israfil Forest People
15 U Said U Alan Fitzpatrick
16 Discontinued Maae
17  Run Baby Run Paul Ritch
18  7th Seal (Spektre Remix) Nihil Young Alex d Elia
19  Toxic Sam Paganini
20  Mizar Simone Tavazzi
21  Love Siren Alan Fitzpatrick
22 153 Essex Street Julian Jewell
23 What Happened Marco Bailey

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