SLT – Part 27 “Emotions”

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Strange days have gone bye.
In one family young people die after a long battle to stay alive, while in other families babies are born giving new meaning to life. At the same time lots of emotions are shown during world sports which seems to unite everyone despite of their current situation, race or color.

For me, music equals emotions. It is something that you can relate to when you’re down or when you’re feeling alone. But also when you’re having lots of fun with friends or at a party. Sometimes even to get lost in when you need to put your mind off of things and clear your head.

Hopefully this mix will bring you the right emotions you need when you put it on, get you in a better mood or even make you wanne party.


Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 27 – Emotions


# Title Artist
1 Plastic Dreams Jaydee
2 Miss You (Original Mix) Dustin Zahn
3 Shadowprint (Original Mix) Bart Skils
4 Dubious Peril (Original Mix) Alexi Delano, Hans Bouffmyhre
5 Sarria’s Mind (A.Mochi & Takaaki Itoh Remix) Sasha Carass
6 Audiopot (Flug Rmx) DJ Emerson & Flug
7 Transition Two (Original Mix) Johannes Heil
8 Descente Terence Fixmer
9 For Your Eyes (Original Mix) Bart Skils
10 Doer Alberto Pascual
11 The Unfailing Light Dustin Zahn
12 Black Snow (Maae Remix) Balthazar, Jackrock
13 Marrow (Original Mix) Gary Beck
14 Forest People (Forest People Replant) Tom Laws
15 One Three O (Original Mix) Mark Broom
16 Focus You Broombeck
17 Chained To A Dead Camel Clouds
18 Modeler Alberto Pascual
19 Global Edit Petter B

SLT – Part 26 “Flashback”

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This time I thought it was time for a Flashback and selected at least one track from all previous 25 podcasts and put it into a new mix. This mix is stuffed with so much energy that it is ready to explode. And as it turned out to be a track listing with 31 tracks, this mix lasts for almost 2 hours with pure bass pumping melodic techno.

Also for this mix it was very hard to present a good track list as sometimes you hear two or even three tracks at the same time. Sometimes they even start at the same time, so the track list presents the tracks as they are ordered in my playlist. I also added a column with the corresponding number of the previous podcast from which I selected the track from, just in case you’re interested.

And if you look real closely you’ll find all previous cover arts back into this new cover art.

Don’t forget that if you have any feedback, please let me know at my Facebook page. Enjoy the ride.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 26 – Flashback


# Title Artist Podcast
1 Rejekt (Original Mix) Dubfire 1
2 The Elephant (Joseph Capriati Remix) Pan-Pot & Pascal Mollin 4
3 Brain Disease (Markantonio Remix) Hans Bouffmyhre 7
4 Belgian Green V2 Petter B  24
5 Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph mix) Secret Cinema  5
6 Take Care (Original Mix) Flug  12
7 Dark Line Terence Fixmer  8
8 Human Reason (Original Mix) Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick  4
9 Inertia (Mattias Fridell Remix) Darkcell  9
10 Erase The Tapes (Original Mix) Spektre  20
11 Contained (Original Mix) Hans Bouffmyhre  18
12 Shift (Original Mix) Bobby Dowell  10
13 Into Your Head (Brian Sanhaji Remix) Alex Bau  1
14 Escalation (Original Mix) Audiomatiques  23
15 Abducted Mikael Jonasson 11
16 Always Loved A Film (Michael Woods Remix) Underworld 12
17 Praying Mantis (Original Mix) Manic Brothers  22
18 Recurring Nightmare (Original Mix) Lex Gorrie  25
19 Dust (Original Mix) Bart Skils  6
20 Demeter (Original Mix) Michael Schwarz  9
21 Maffaking Slam  6
22 Vespula Slam  15
23 Groove Mechanism (Chris Liebing Remix) Shlomi Aber  14
24 Second Coming Petter B  19
25 Melange (Original Mix) Dustin Zahn & Rachel Palmer  16
26 Layerleaf (Original Mix) Dhillon  21
27 Dambo (Original Mix) Ramiro Lopez  23
28 Prometheus (Original Mix) Alan Fitzpatrick  13
29 Confronted (Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback) Pan-Pot 17
30 Black Mamba (Original mix) Audiomatiques 17
31 Hypomania (Original Mix) Ronny Vergara  24