SLT – Part 25 “Cadence”

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It took a while to bring you part 25 but I think it was worth the waiting. So this is yet another cadence of beats cascaded with lots of techno sounds and melodies. Put the volume up, sit back and enjoy the journey..

I noticed that it’s getting harder to present a good tracklist as sometimes you hear two or even three tracks at the same time. Sometimes they even start at the same time, so the tracklist presents the tracks as they are ordered in my playlist. So in some cases that’s the order in which they are played back to back.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 25 – Cadence

SLT Part 25 “Cadence” AlbumArt by Roel Wildervanck

01. Airport Control Tower Air traffic Control By Sound Effects – SoundDogs
02. Spectrum (Jonas Kopp Black Mix Digital Exclusive) By Ben Sims
03. Kort In The Middle (Original Mix) By Chris Colburn
04. Placebo (Original Mix) By Minicoolboyz, Nnb
05. Psy By Recondite
06. Dusker By Takaaki Itoh
07. Patteron One (Len Faki Version) By Cleric
08. In The Kitchen (Original Mix) By Chris Colburn
09. Recurring Nightmare (Original Mix) By Lex Gorrie
10. Calibrate (Original Mix) By Maae
11. Rooter (Original Mix) By Takaaki Itoh
12. Dominator By Hans Bouffmyhre
13. Visceral (A Mochi & DJ Shufflemaster Main Remix) By Flug
14. X (Original Mix) By Jonas Kopp
15. Skuz (Original Club Mix) By Spektre
16. Organ Play (Original Mix) By Chris Colburn
17. Back To You (Forest People Replant) By Skober
18. Another Ganz (Flug Remix) By UZB