SLT – Part 19 “Voyeur”

Mind-blowing! That’s what you can call this mix. What you hear is the constant mixture of three records combining their beats, bass, sounds and melody flowing from one side to the other. It will be hard to stop this mix in the middle because you are running out of time. The curiosity of what will come will make you want to listen to the whole mix before doing something else. Be aware!

Technical note: It took me 18 SLT parts to discover mixing in key and figure out how to let it work in my advance. The result is this mind-blowing mix and there is more where this one came from.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 19 – Voyeur

SLT Part 19 "Voyeur" AlbumArt by Roel Wildervanck









01. Destroyer Of Worlds (Floom Remix) By Virgil Enzinger & Submerge
02. Horizon (Luigi Madonna Remix) By Mars Bill & Anthony Castaldo
03. Gez Uri (Original Mix) By Ron Costa
04. Rhombus (Remix) By Mars Bill
05. Xylopeggiator (Original Mix) By Cari Lekebusch
06. Lucky Ones By Ida Engberg
07. Second Coming By Petter B
08. System X By Gregor Tresher
09. Mi Estudio By Pfirter
10. Salvo (Original Mix) By Mark Broom
11. Hydrogen By Black Asteriod
12. Dark Manoeuvres (Slam Remix) By Envoy
13. Squeal 3 (Original Mix) By A. Mochi
14. Auf und Ab (Edit Select OCD Remixes Part 1) By Chris Liebing
15. Scream (Original Mix) By A. Mochi
16. Kepler (Julian Jeweil Remix) By Pan-Pot
17. Into the void (Original Mix) By Victor Calderone
18. Channel 42 By Deadmau5
19. Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium mix) By Dustin Zahn