SLT – Part 15 “225518125”

Free your mind with part 15. Put your speaker on max volume and find yourself gasping for breath after half an hour and find out what 225518125 (twenty-two, five, five, eighteen, twelve, five) can do to you. At the end you’ll find yourself surrounded with some headache pounding beats. But you will come back in a peaceful state of mind with the last track after which you can enjoy the afterglow.

Download: DJ Desire – Sounds Like Techno Part 15 – 225518125









01 Egoist (Original Mix) By Gary Beck
02 Hockner By Popof
03 Pitch Black (Original Mix) By Rino Cerrone
04 Unite (Joseph Capriati remix) By Cari Lekebusch
05 Provoke (Shifted Remix) By Secluded
06 Engine 1 (Brian Sanhaji Remix (Another Version)) By Black Asteroid
07 Session 1 By Monoloc & Pfirter
08 Black Bloc (Original Mix) By Raffaele Attanasio
09 Dogma (Pan-Pot Remix) By Andre Winter
10 Slajdmedel (Original Mix) By Cari Lekebusch
11 Vespula By Slam
12 Intense Substance (Gary Beck Remix) By Marco Bailey
13 Drastik (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) By Terence Fixmer
14 Structure (Original Mix) By Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell
15 Tunnels Pt. 1 (Original Mix) By Edit Select, Dustin Zahn
16 Demon Within (Pfirter Remix) By Hans Bouffmyhre
17 Ars Poetica (Original Mix) By Gary Beck
18 Segmento 1 By Reeko