SLT – Part 06 “The One”

The original tracklist had not enough energy, but it took me three takes to realize that. So I added some new tracks, deleted others and reshuffled the order. Finally this mix is the result I’m satisfied with, so I branded this part to “The One”.


Download: Sounds Like Techno – Part 06

01. La Cage Invisible (Original Mix) By Ron Costa
02. Kraut House By Joel Mull
03. Spark (Original Mix) By Ray Kajioka
04. Tunnel Series 01 (Gary Beck Remix) By Evan Burke, Mioxam
05. Napoli 4am By Cari Lekebusch & Joseph Capriati
06. Remainings III (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) By Adam Beyer
07. Cuernos Cubanos By Spektre, Matt Cooper
08. Galaxy Express (Original Mix) By Joseph Capriati
09. Pitanga (Slam Remix) By Christian Smith
10. Get Down (Original Mix) By Gary Beck
11. Dust (Original Mix) By Bart Skils
12. Beta Decay By Sian
13. Fereneze By Gary Beck
14. Maffaking By Slam
15. Paranoize (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck Remix) By Alan Fitzpatrick


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